BSMQ Re-opens Skilled Program; change in occupations

‘BSMQ has received additional quota for the skilled program and is re- opening the ‘Working in Queensland, ‘Masters’ and ‘PhD’ Queensland Skilled Occupation Lists from Thursday, 18 April 2019’; the lists of occupations have changed

The Business & Skilled Migration Queensland’s website displays the following announcements:

BSMQ Re-opens Skilled Program

BSMQ has received additional quota for the skilled program and is re- opening the ‘Working in Queensland, ‘Masters’ and ‘PhD’ Queensland Skilled Occupation Lists from Thursday, 18 April 2019. Once this quota has been filled the program will close again until July 2019.

These lists have been changed (some occupations added and removed), so please review these lists carefully before submitting an EOI through SkillSelect.

Only EOI’s submitted from the 18 April 2019 will be picked up. EOIs submitted prior to this date will not be picked up. If you have lodged an EOI in the past and not received an invitation you will need to submit a NEW EOI from 18 April 2019.

Applicants must be ONSHORE only and meet the onshore criteria for working in Queensland – including being employed for 6 months in the nominated occupation before submitting an EOI, and have an ongoing job offer for at least a year.

Queensland Masters graduates must be currently working in the nominated occupation and have continual ongoing employment for at least 12 months.

PhD graduates are not required to have a job, however there is an exception for the occupation of University Lecturer. PhD applicants applying under the occupation of University Lecturer (ANZSCO code 242111), must meet working in Queensland criteria including having been employed for six months in their nominated occupation and have continual ongoing employment for at least 12 months.

Invitations to suitable candidates will start to be sent out from Wednesday, 24 April 2019.

Please note: The business program (for EOIs submitted through SkillSelect) will remain closed until July 2019.

At a Glance – Occupation Changes for Re-opening of BSMQ Skilled Program 18 April 2019

Summary of occupation changes for ‘Working in Queensland’ and ‘Masters’ and ‘PhD’ QSOLs

Please note: this is not the full list of occupations – below is a summary of the occupation changes. Please see here for full lists.

Occupations added for subclass 489 and 190:

  • Arts Administrator or Manager (ANZSCO code 139911)
  • Dancer or Choreographer (ANZSCO code 211112)
  • Music Director (ANZSCO code 211212)
  • Artistic Director (ANZSCO code 212111)
  • Environmental Manager (ANZSCO code 139912)
  • Musician (Instrumental) (ANZSCO code 211213)
  • Statistician (ANZSCO code 224113)
  • Economist (ANZSCO code 224311)
  • Mining Engineer (excluding Petroleum) (ANZSCO code 233611)
  • Petroleum Engineer (ANZSCO code 233612)
  • Engineering Professionals nec (ANZSCO code 233999)
  • Chemist (ANZSCO code 234211)
  • Food Technologist (ANZSCO code 234212)
  • Environmental Consultant (ANZSCO code 234312)
  • Environmental Research Scientist (ANZSCO code 234313)
  • Environmental Scientists nec (ANZSCO code 234399)
  • Geophysicist (ANZSCO code 234412)
  • Hydrogeologist (ANZSCO code 234413)
  • Life Scientist (General) (ANZSCO code 234511)
  • Biochemist (ANZSCO code 234513)
  • Biotechnologist (ANZSCO code 234514)
  • Botanist (ANZSCO code 234515)
  • Marine Biologist (ANZSCO code 234516)
  • Microbiologist (ANZSCO code 234517)
  • Zoologist (ANZSCO code 234518)
  • Life Scientists nec (ANZSCO code 234599)
  • Conservator (ANZSCO code 234911)
  • Metallurgist (ANZSCO code 234912)
  • Meteorologist (ANZSCO code 234913)
  • Natural and Physical Science Professionals nec (ANZSCO code 234999)
  • University Lecturer (ANZSCO code 242111)
  • Multimedia Specialist (ANZSCO code 261211)
  • Telecommunications network planner (ANZSCO code 313213)
  • Pressure welder (ANZSCO code 322312)
  • Construction Project Manager (ANZSCO code 133111) (Re-added, formerly removed for this FY)
  • Quantity Surveyor (ANZSCO code 233213) (Re-added, formerly removed for this FY)
  • Registered Nurse (Aged Care) (ANZSCO code 254412) (Re-added, formerly removed for this FY)

Occupations added for subclass 489 only:

  • Registered Nurse (Critical Care and Emergency) (ANZSCO code 254415)
  • Dentist (ANZSCO code 252312)
  • Anaesthetist (ANZSCO code 253211)

Occupations removed:

  • Systems Analyst (ANZSCO code 261112)
  • Computer Network and Systems Engineer (ANZSCO code 263111)
  • Software Tester (ANZSCO code 261314)

PhD alumni:

Please note that the below previously removed occupations for this FY are still unavailable:

  • ICT Business Analyst – 261111
  • Marketing Specialist – 225113
  • Finance Manager – 132211
  • Developer Programmer – 261312
  • Software Engineer – 261313
  • Civil Engineer – 233211
  • Electrical Engineer – 233311
  • Mechanical Engineer – 233512
  • Accountant (General) – 221111
  • Engineering Technologist – 233914

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