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Legislative Updates

Specification of occupations and assessing authorities

"The instrument amends LIN 19/051 to update the relevant assessing authorities for skilled occupations on the MLTSSL, the STSOL and the ROL relevant to applications for subclass 189, 190, 491 and 485 visas"

Costs excluded from consideration under PIC 4005 & 4007

"By making a legislative instrument under subclauses 4005(3) and 4007(1B), the Minister can exclude the cost of specified ... from the consideration of costs under...

Temporary visa subclass for the purpose of health requirement

"The instrument operates to specify temporary visa subclasses which may lead to permanent visas for subparagraphs 4005(2)(b)(ii) and 4007(1A)(b)(ii) of Schedule 4 to the Regulations"

Specified work and areas for subclass 417 & 462 visas

"The purpose of the instrument is to amend the areas of Australia and kinds of work specified in LIN 22/012 and LIN 22/013 for the definition of specified Subclass 417 work and specified Subclass 462 work in regulation 1.03 of the Regulations, respectively"

Protecting Australia’s critical technology

"The purpose of the instrument is to amend the Migration Regulations in relation to visa applicants and visa holders who pose an unreasonable risk of unwanted critical technology knowledge transfer"

Arrangements for ETA visa applications

"The purpose of the instrument is to specify the approved form and manner (the arrangements) for making an application for an Electronic Travel Authority (Class UD) visa"

Several migration amendments

Schedule 1 extends subclass 476 (Skilled – Recognised Graduate) visas whose holders were outside Australia during the COVID-19 related travel restrictions. "Schedule 2 facilitates the ability to apply for an Electronic Travel Authority visa using a recently launched ... Schedule 3 facilitates short-term skilled visa holders accessing a pathway to permanent residence (currently generally only available to longer-term visa holders), by enabling them to apply for..."

Age exemption for subclass 186

"The purpose of the instrument is to ... specify certain legacy 457 workers as an additional class of persons for paragraph 186.221(b) of Schedule 2 to the Regulations. This will exempt them from the age requirement for the subclass 186 visa in the TRT stream."

Maximum number of parent & other family visas

"The purpose of the instrument is to determine the maximum number of visas that may be granted for certain classes of visas in the 2021‑2022 financial year between 1 July 2021 and 30 June 2022 (inclusive)"

Form, place and manner for International Relations visa

"The purpose of the instrument is to update the approved form, place and manner (“the arrangements”) requirements for making an application for a Temporary Work (International Relations) (Class GD) visa (Class GD visa) in the Pacific Australia Labour Mobility stream..."

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