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Legislative Updates

New VACs from 1 July 2019

'[The new] Regulations amend the Migration Regulations to increase first instalment VACs for a number of visas. The Regulations increase the majority of VACs'. The VAC for some visas will increase on 1 July 2019 and the VAC for other visas will only increase on 16 November 2019.

Work & Holiday: 2 countries added and other changes

Subclass 462 - The new instrument commences on 1 July 2019 and its purpose is to: add 2 countries to the list of eligible countries; amend the lodgement requirements for citizens of 4 countries; and exempt citizens of 3 countries from providing evidence of government support.

Working Holiday: age limit extended to 35

The new instrument increases the age limit to 35 for another country for subclass 417 visa applicants, effective 1 July 2019

Subclass 870: manner & deadline for making application

The new instrument specifies the application form and the deadline for that application. If the visa applicant is onshore, the deadline is calculated by reference to the date of approval by the Minister to lodge the application while onshore. If the visa applicant is offshore, the deadline is calculated by reference to the date of approval  (or variation) of the sponsorship.

LIN 19/042: places and currencies for paying of fees

'The purpose of the instrument is to undertake a biannual update of the places and corresponding currencies in which payment of a fee may be made'

Bridging visa arrangements for subclass 870 (parent)

'This [new legislative instrument] ensures visa applicants lawfully stay in Australia if they have been permitted to apply for a Temporary Sponsored Parent visa in Australia'

Direction No 82: order of processing for subclasses 457 & 482

New Direction No 82 replaces Direction No 77: 'the Government considers that [Sponsors awarded Accredited Status] should be able to access streamlined processing arrangements and their applications should be allocated to a decision-maker for initial assessment as a priority'

Direction No 81: order of consideration of skilled visas

New Direction No 81 (Order of Consideration – Certain Skilled Migration Visas): replaces Direction No 74; sets the order of processing of applications for visa subclasses 189, 190, 489, 186 and 187; sets the order of processing of nomination applications for visa subclasses 186 and 187

CPD Requirements Regulations 2019

'The Migration Agents Amendment (CPD Requirements) Regulations 2019 (the Regulations) amend the Migration Agents Regulations 1998 (the Migration Agents Regulations) to exempt lawyers who hold practising certificates from continuing professional development (CPD) requirements for migration agents when applying for repeat registration as a migration agent'

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