New instrument on regional areas

The instrument specifies: a part of Australia to be a designated city or major regional centre for the purposes of reg 1.15M(1) of the Regulations; a part of Australia to be a regional centre or other regional area for the purposes of reg 1.15M(2); a part of Australia as regional Australia for the purposes of reg 5.19(16); an area for the purposes of cl 892.213(3)(b) of Schedule 2; an area for the purposes of cl 888.226(2)(c)(i) of Schedule 2. It also provides access to a second Subclass 485 (Temporary Graduate) visa in the Post-Study Work stream in certain circumstances.

No VAC for sub 408: additional class of persons

The new instrument specifies "an additional class of persons, who are eligible to apply for a Subclass 408 visa in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic, with a nil VAC"

Sub 485: amendment to LIN 20/162

The instrument amends LIN 20/262 to ... The new Migration (Arrangements for Certain Skilled and Temporary Graduate Visa Applications) Amendment Instrument (LIN 20/297) 2020 commences...

New person able to receive pledge of commitment

The new instrument adds a person to the list of persons who are able to receive the Pledge of Commitment for Australian citizenship

Encouraging study in regional Australia

"The purpose of the Regulations is to encourage international students to study in regional Australia on a student visa and to continue living in regional Australia on a temporary graduate visa. In particular, the amendments..."

Places & currencies for paying of fees

"The purpose of the instrument is to undertake a biannual update of the places where payment of a fee may be made and the corresponding currencies that must be used for payment of a fee in that place"

Extended expiry of sub 300 due to covid-19

The new instrument amends Schedule 2 to the Migration Regulations 1994 (Cth), to extend certain Subclass 300 (Prospective Marriage) visas so that, instead of ceasing 9 months after the visa is granted, the visas cease on ... The Regulations commence retrospectively on...

Bill to protect disclosure of confidential information

"The Bill amends the Migration Act to protect disclosure of confidential information provided by gazetted intelligence and law enforcement agencies where the information is used for decisions made to refuse or cancel a visa on character grounds, or revoke or set aside such decisions (Protected Information)... The Bill also amends the Citizenship Act to introduce provisions (which are substantially similar to the provisions in the Migration Act described above)..."

Sub 189 NZ stream: income threshold

"The purpose of the instrument is to specify the minimum amount of taxable income for the income year 2019-2020. The amount is... " The Migration...

Health Workforce Certificate: new definition

"The instrument operates to amend LIN 19/047 and LIN 19/049 to change the definition of Health Workforce Certificate" for the purpose of subclasses 186 and 187

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