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Legislative Updates

Refugee Protection Bill 2019

'[E]nables the establishment of a network of centres... where asylum seekers can go to be registered, have their immediate humanitarian needs met and lodge a preference for country of re-settlement... [It] does not allow mandatory detention'; applicants would have ample access to immigration assistance

Direction No 82: order of processing for subclasses 457 & 482

New Direction No 82 replaces Direction No 77: 'the Government considers that [Sponsors awarded Accredited Status] should be able to access streamlined processing arrangements and their applications should be allocated to a decision-maker for initial assessment as a priority'

New instrument on the Annual Market Salary Rate

"The purpose of this instrument is to amend Migration (IMMI 18/033: Specification of Income Threshold and Annual Earnings and Methodology of Annual Market Salary Rate) Instrument 2018 (IMMI 18/033) to address changes to the Regulations as a result of amendments to the Regulations by the Migration Amendment (New Skilled Regional Visas) Regulations 2019 (the amending Regulations)".

Child visa application arrangements

The purpose of the new instrument is to amend a drafting error

Extended expiry of sub 300 due to covid-19

The new instrument amends Schedule 2 to the Migration Regulations 1994 (Cth), to extend certain Subclass 300 (Prospective Marriage) visas so that, instead of ceasing 9 months after the visa is granted, the visas cease on ... The Regulations commence retrospectively on...

Changes to bridging visas

"The purpose of the instrument is to ... reflect changes to the manner in which a Bridging E (Class WE) application on paper forms 1005 and 1008 is lodged... In addition, the instrument amends the approved forms for bridging visa applications under the Migration Regulations to include references to..."

Changes to Work & Holiday visa

The new instrument commenced on 1 January 2022 and makes changes to: the list of eligible countries; instances where approval from a foreign country is required; & more

Assessing authorities for subclass 494 visas

"The instrument amends LIN 19/260 to update the assessing authorities for certain occupations on the MLTSSL and the ROL" The new Migration (Assessing Authorities for...

Motion to disallow SAF Regulations: analysis of major potential impacts

A notice of motion to disallow the Migration Amendment (Skilling Australians Fund) Regulations 2018 was tabled in the Senate. Should this legislative instrument be disallowed, as of the date of disallowance there would be significant consequences for new and existing 482, 186 and 187 applicants and employers.

Immigration (Guardianship of Children) Regulations 2018

'[The instrument is made in] accordance with regular sunsetting practice and... introduce a power to make an Instrument of Delegation to ensure that powers delegated across the Home Affairs Portfolio and within State and Territory Child Welfare Agencies are delegated to positions that are sufficiently senior to exercise that power'

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