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Child visa application arrangements

The purpose of the new instrument is to amend a drafting error

LIN 19/063: Class of Substantive Visa

"The purpose of the instrument is to remove the reference to special purpose visas (SPVs) granted to a person on the grounds that they are a crew member, or a spouse, de-facto partner or dependant of a crew member, of a non-military ship. These grounds have no longer been available for the granting of SPVs since 1 January 2008. The reference is therefore redundant".

Migration Amendment (Seamless Traveller) Regulations 2018

'The amendments will reduce the processing burden for travellers at international ports using a SmartGate ... by removing the requirement to present a physical passport if details of their passport are already held electronically'. 

Work & Holiday: 2 countries added and other changes

Subclass 462 - The new instrument commences on 1 July 2019 and its purpose is to: add 2 countries to the list of eligible countries; amend the lodgement requirements for citizens of 4 countries; and exempt citizens of 3 countries from providing evidence of government support.

New legislative instrument for visitor visa

"The instrument operates for the Minister to... specify the approved forms, place and manner for making a valid visa application for a visitor ... visa and specify ..."

SAF disallowance motion withdrawn

The motion to disallow the Skilling Australian Fund (SAF) Regulations has been withdrawn, which means that the SAF continues into the foreseeable future.

New instrument: nil VAC for some students

"The purpose of the instrument is to update LIN 20/099 to specify an additional class of persons applying for a Subclass 500 visa to whom the nil VAC amount applies. As a result of the coronavirus known as COVID-19 and the consequential pandemic, some Subclass 500 visa holders will be unable to complete their studies within the validity period of their Subclass 500 visa..."

Data matching: correction to Gazette Notice

A correction to a Gazette Notice about data matching between the Department and the ATO

New instrument on BVA & C for new regional visas

"Specifically, the instrument specifies forms 491D and 494V (Internet) as approved forms for Bridging A (Class WA) and Bridging C (Class WC) visa applications. This ensures that applicants who make an application for a substantive visa using approved forms 491D and 494V (Internet) will be able to make a combined application for a bridging visa with their application for a substantive visa".

Direction No. 80

Direction 80 - order for considering and disposing of Family visa applications under s47 and 51 of the Migration Act 1958

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