Disclosure of TFN starts on 13 Dec 2018

The changes allow sponsors, visa applicants, visa holders, former visa holders and others to lawfully provide the Secretary with the TFN of certain visa applicants, visa holders and former visa holders

New occupations for subclasses 189, 190, 489 & 485

38 occupations added to MLTSSL; 27 occupations removed from the STSOL, 6 of which moved to the MLTSSL; 18 occupations added to the ROL; all physicists are eligible (not only 'medical' physicists); changed skills assessing authorities for 5 occupations

LIN 19/093: cosmetic changes

'The purpose of LIN 19/093 is to amend section 10 of Part 3 and Column 3 of the table in Schedule 1 to LIN 18/029. The amendment is to ensure consistency of style and format throughout the instrument'

Payment of VACs & fees in foreign currencies

The new instrument "repeals the Migration (LIN 21/001: Payment of Visa Application Charges and Fees in Foreign Currencies) Instrument 2021 as in force on 1 January 2021 and operates to specify the currency applicable and the exchange rate for the currency specified for the purpose of subregulation 5.36(1A) as at 1 July 2021"

Health workforce certificate: new exemption

"The instrument amends LIN 19/048 and LIN 19/219 to introduce ... a certificate exempting sponsors who are hospital employers from the requirement of obtaining a Health Workforce Certificate (HWC) each time the sponsor nominates a hospital-based position in one of the following medical occupations ..."

Refugee Protection Bill 2019

'[E]nables the establishment of a network of centres... where asylum seekers can go to be registered, have their immediate humanitarian needs met and lodge a preference for country of re-settlement... [It] does not allow mandatory detention'; applicants would have ample access to immigration assistance

New instrument on BVA & C for new regional visas

"Specifically, the instrument specifies forms 491D and 494V (Internet) as approved forms for Bridging A (Class WA) and Bridging C (Class WC) visa applications. This ensures that applicants who make an application for a substantive visa using approved forms 491D and 494V (Internet) will be able to make a combined application for a bridging visa with their application for a substantive visa".

New occupations for visa subclass 187 (RSMS)

8 occupations have moved from the ROL to the MLTSSL, but that makes no practical difference for visa subclass 187 (RSMS); that change merely aligns subclass 187's MLTSSL with the MLTSSLs for subclasses 482 and 186; error in explanatory statement regarding caveats

Independent Health Advice Panel

The new instrument adds 3 entities to the list of professional bodies who may nominate a person to be appointed by the Minister as a member of the Independent Health Advice Panel for the purposes of assessing the physical and mental health of transitory persons who are in regional processing countries

Types of work exempted from criminal offence

The new instrument exempts certain types of work carried out by unlawful non-citizens in immigration detention from a criminal offence created under the Migration Act 1958 (Cth).

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