Goldfields DAMA: occupations list released

The Goldfields Designated Area Migration Agreement includes dozens of occupations, ranging from skill level 1 to 5

Migration Law Updates has received the below information from the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder, along with the occupations list and the DAMA Factsheet – Labour Market Testing:

Please see the attached Goldfields DAMA occupation list, and also here is the link to our DAMA information –> 

Currently, the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder is working with the Department of Home Affairs to set up a dedicated DAMA information website for businesses. The website should be live around June 2019, and the City will hopefully start endorsing applications lodged by businesses/employer by July 2019. 

The process, concession and website will be similar to Northern Territory’s DAMA, but with different occupation list and some of the concessions are different. Specific details on the occupations and concessions will be provided once we have our website up and running. 

Businesses or companies can start preparing by advertising the vacant positions and ensuring that they can pass the Labour Market Testing (LMT) components and requirements of the DAMA application. Make sure vacant positions advertisements adhere to the attached LMT? Also specify working and living in Kalgoorlie-Boulder/Coolgardie/Leonora/Menzies region, full-time hours, salary is in line with Fair Work Commission etc., in the advert and employment contract template.  

Before businesses can even apply for the DAMA, we will be asking the 3 most important questions i.e. 

  • Is your business actively operating for at least 12 months, and financially viable? 
  • Is your business located within the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Shires of Coolgardie, Leonora and Menzies?
  • Is the position you seek to fill listed in the current Goldfields DAMA occupation list?

Businesses must answer all “yes” to the above to proceed with the DAMA application, and then labour agreement with the Department of Home Affairs.  

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Sergio Zanotti Stagliorio is a Registered Migration Agent (MARN 1461003). He is the owner of Target Migration in Sydney. He can be reached at

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