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New instrument on complying investments

The new instrument "specifies the investments permitted for certain streams for Subclass 188 (Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional)) visa and Subclass 888 (Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent)) visa under Australia’s Business Innovation and Investment Program (BIIP)"

Changes to bridging visas

"The purpose of the instrument is to ... reflect changes to the manner in which a Bridging E (Class WE) application on paper forms 1005 and 1008 is lodged... In addition, the instrument amends the approved forms for bridging visa applications under the Migration Regulations to include references to..."

Case Law Updates

Weight of expectations of AU community offset by children’s best interests?

Federal Court. Can it be said in light of FYBR that "decision-makers are required to have due regard to the government’s views as to the expectations of the Australian community, but that the question as to whether it is appropriate in all the circumstances to act in accordance with those expectations remains a matter for the Tribunal’s discretion"? If the Tribunal refers in its decision to the submissions made by an applicant, does it necessarily mean that it considered those submissions?

Self-represented applicant’s claims not drafted with skill of practitioners

Federal Court. In determining whether a self-represented person made a clearly articulated claim to an administrative decision-maker, should it be taken into account that a claim might not be drafted with the skill of practitioners?

AAT considering subset of delegate’s issues?

Federal Court. If the Tribunal suggests that it will consider only a subset of the issues considered by the delegate but in reality also considers other issues considered by the delegate, is it under an obligation under s 360(1) to "invite the applicant to give evidence and present arguments relating to [those other] issues"?

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