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New instrument on values statement

'The purpose of the instrument is to update the language of the values statement for all visa subclasses specified to better reflect the values that are important to Australian society'

New instrument on RMA registration fee

The purpose of the instrument is to provide that the registration status charge imposed on RMAs under section 10 of the Migration Agents Registration Application Charge Act 1997 becomes due and payable on the earlier time of either ...

Case Law Updates

Extensive adultery necessarily contrary to commitment to the exclusion of all others?

Federal Court. A FCCA judge said in his reasons that he had relied extensively on the draft reasons made by another judge in preparing his judgment. Was lack of disclosure of draft reasons to Appellant contrary to procedural fairness rules? If so, should costs order below be reversed? Is a continued adulterous relationship determinative of whether definition of "spouse" in s 5F(2)(b) is satisfied? If not, is is at least an exclusionary factor? Is the absence of consent to adultery determinative of whether s 5F is satisfied? If not, is it at least a factor? AAT failed to reveal existence of invalid s 375A certificate containing dob in. Was that failure immaterial, as Appellant was aware of existence and gist of dob in through an FOI and did not make a s 362A request? Does materiality test require judicial review applicant to prove what they would have done had error not been made?

Difference between criminal and immi detention

Federal Court. Does “giving” a document within the meaning of r 5.02 require “actual delivery” to detainee or authorised person? The definition of "immigration detention" under s 5(1) includes "being held by, or on behalf of, an officer ... in a prison or remand centre of the Commonwealth, a State or a Territory". Does the mere fact that a State prison can be a place of immigration detention mean that a person there held is in immigration detention? Does the cancellation of a person's visa while that person is in criminal detention itself convert the criminal detention into immigration detention? Was the Applicant's last residential address known to the Minister the address where he was serving a prison sentence? Was BDS20 plainly wrong?

Did practitioner act in contravention of ss 245AR & 245AS?

OMARA. Did the practitioner facilitate payments to a sponsor in exchange for a visa applicant’s employment and sponsorship? If so, did she act in contravention of ss 245AR and 245AS?

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