Mental health & wellbeing

We have compiled a short list of some of the many entities & professionals that can help RMAs (and future RMAs) in the area of mental health, ranging from fee to paid services. Any RMAs who find themselves in a difficult period of their lives are welcome to contact any of those entities and also to seek alternative options not listed here. What really matters is that help is sought whenever needed.

** See important information at the end of this article**
We are well into the twenty first century and discussing mental health issues should no longer be a taboo. It is perfectly fine to seek help in difficult times.
In addition to dealing with personal and family issues, we also have to deal with professional challenges. Those issues and challenges can at times be overwhelming.

We do make a great industry, but our profession poses its challenges (as any industry does), for instance:

  • Dealing with complex matters, sometimes where what is at stake is whether or not entire families will be separated or, even worse, whether clients will be sent back to a country where they fear persecution
  • Complying with tight deadlines, statutory or otherwise
  • For those who are sole traders, the lack of security of a stable income/salary
  • For those who are employed, reconciling employers’ expectations with the Code of Conduct
  • For those who employ others, the fear of delegating tasks and its consequences.

And the list goes on…

Fortunately though, no-one should feel isolated. There is help available.

We listed below a few of those options, ranging from free to paid professional services.

Those options are open to any RMAs (and future RMAs) and obviously there is no commission (or referral fee or any other benefit) involved. We are simply raising awareness to an important issue and outlining some of the options available.

24/7, no fee support crisis

For 24/7, immediate crisis support, RMAs can dial numbers such as:

  • Beyond Blue: 1300 22 4636
  • Lifeline: 13 11 14

Ongoing mental health support (supervised)

Some Australian universities offer counselling through Provisional Psychologists in their final years of training (Year 5 and Year 6) under the supervision of Clinical Psychologists. Although not free of charge, they afford discounted rates.

For instance, the UTS Clinical Psychology (02 9514 7339) offers counselling for $25 per session (full fee) or $12.50 (concessional fee).

Ongoing mental health support (discount)

North Brisbane Psychologists is a clinic with 8 psychologists with “decades of experience addressing many issues, ranging from life-changing and distressing events to everyday problems”.

They also offer counselling via video conferencing for those who are not located in Brisbane and who satisfy certain eligibility criteria.

Their standard fee for a 50 minute session is $175, which leaves a gap of approximately $88 with a Medicare rebate for someone with a GP referral.

We have negotiated with them a discount whereby RMAs (and future RMAs) pay approximately $63 of gap with a Medicare rebate for someone with a GP referral.

The clinic will not request RMAs (or future RMAs) to show evidence of being: an RMA (or student); a member of any RMA organisation; or a subscriber of our newsletter.

The discount is available to any individuals who simply identify themselves to the clinic as being RMAs (or future RMAs) before they make their first booking. In other words, all RMAs and future RMAs can benefit.

Consulting your GP

Obviously, consulting your GP is also an important option. By the way, consulting a GP might enable some of the above other options.


If life is in danger, RMAs should call 000.

Important information

The above is merely a non-exhaustive summary of terms and conditions offered by those organisations / professionals. We invite readers to read those terms and conditions in their entirety. We are not suggesting that the above are the only options available to RMAs. On the contrary, there are several other options out there and RMAs are encouraged to explore them if neither of the above options suit them. We are not suggesting that the above options are the best or ideal options for anyone either. We disclaim any liability of any kind directly or indirectly arising out of any work (paid or otherwise) offered (or not offered) by any of the above entities and professionals. All we are doing is to merely raise awareness to the importance of mental health and outline some options. We do not exert any type of control over or influence upon the above entities and professionals, who might vary their terms and conditions, including their fees, without consulting us. We make no assurances or promises that the above entities will offer anyone any service or any discounted rate now or in the future. Once again, we are merely trying to raise awareness and outline some options.

Disclaimer: the above is a mere summary of some mental health professional services. The author of this article and Migration Law Updates disclaim any liability for any action (or omission) on their part based on any information provided (or not provided) in this article and are under no obligation to keep the general public nor practitioners informed about the matters discussed in this article or any other matters, or any future changes to any of those matters. It is the responsibility of each practitioner to obtain access to primary sources of law and policy by themselves and to carry out their own research and come to their own conclusions on legislation, case law, policies and more. This article is not intended for the general public.

Sergio Zanotti Stagliorio is a Registered Migration Agent (MARN 1461003). He is the owner of Target Migration in Sydney. He can be reached at

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