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1.The content of this website and of our email newsletters (our content) is not intended for the general public. It is only intended for professionals authorised by law to provide immigration assistance as defined under the Migration Act 1958 (Cth).

2. Our content provides a mere tentative analysis or reproduction (through articles) of legislative and policy changes, industry updates, media articles and case law, insofar as they are, in the opinion of Migration Law Updates (MLU), relevant to the above-mentioned professionals. MLU retains absolute discretion in forming that opinion.

3. Although MLU will do its best to provide as much information as possible to subscribers, it is under no obligation to provide any particular piece of information or content on any particular matter or combination of matters and it is in the absolute discretion of MLU to decide what matters to produce content about, when, how often, why and in what format. MLU is not obligated to produce any volume of content or cover any number of matters.

4. The information covered by our content might have changed between the writing and reading of that content. The authors of our content and Migration Law Updates (MLU) disclaim any liability for any action (or omission) on their part based on any information provided (or not provided) in our content and are under no obligation to keep subscribers or anyone else informed about the matters discussed in our content or any other matters, or any future changes to any of those matters.

5. MLU makes absolutely no representations as to whether or not the information contained in our content is correct, complete, accurate, relevant or current.

6. It is the sole responsibility of each of the above-mentioned professionals to obtain access to primary sources of law and policy by themselves and to carry out their own independent research and come to their own conclusions on legislation, case law, policies or anything else covered or not covered by our content.

7. The following terms only apply to paid subscriptions.

Payments & Cancellations

8. Payments are made in advance and renew automatically (either monthly or annually, at your choice), although you can cancel your membership at any point in time.

9. Subscribers only have access to the content covered by the subscription acquired, as described on the following webpage: https://migrationlawupdates.com.au/plans/

10. If you cancel your membership, that means you will no longer make any payments. You will continue to have access to the paid content, but only for the remainder of the period paid for, whether or not you need, can or would like to have access to it. To avoid doubt, there will be no refunds under any circumstances, even if you have not consumed any of our content at all.

11. For instance, if you sign up on the 5th of a given month to a monthly subscription and then cancel on the 20th of that same month, you will have access to the paid content until the 4th of the following month. However, there will be no refund in any circumstances, regardless of the reason for the cancellation and even if you do not consume any content during the remainder period (20th to the 4th).

12. The same principle applies to an annual subscription. For instance, if you sign up to an annual subscription on the 5 May [year X] and cancel the subscription on 15 June [year X], you will continue to have access to the paid content until 4 May [year X+1]. However, there will be no refund under any circumstances, regardless of the reason for the cancellation and even if you do not consume any content during the remainder period (15 June 2019 to 4 May 2020).

13. MLU can terminate any subscription at any point in time without giving reasons or notice and without the need of prior consent or approval by subscribers. If that happens, MLU will choose between offering the service paid for until the end of the billing cycle for that month or year (as applicable) or cease to provide the service and provide a refund on a pro-rata basis. Which of those 2 options to choose from will be at the absolute discretion of MLU and may vary from subscriber to subscriber.

14. Subscribers can only access our content through our website during the period in which their subscriptions are in effect. Once a subscription comes to a end, the content on our website will no longer be available. In other terms, subscribers do not acquire a copyright or a perpetual licence to read the content on our website. Rather, they merely acquire permission to read that content, but only while the subscription remains in place.

15. In order to cancel a subscription, subscribers must do so by navigating to the menu option ‘Account’ on MLU’s website, click on ‘Subscriptions’ and then click on ‘Cancel’. Subscribers are responsible for any bank charge back fees or any other banking or credit card fees incurred by MLU resulting from cancelling of their subscription.

Changing Subscriptions

16. You can upgrade or downgrade your plan from any subscription to any subscription, including from monthly subscriptions to annual subscriptions and vice-versa. If there is any amount left or remaining, that will be applied on a pro-rata basis to the new subscription and there will be no refunds under any circumstances.

17. However, if you downgrade from a paid to a free subscription, the effect will be the same as the effect of cancelling a subscription, as described above.

18. Any credits resulting from changes to subscriptions will automatically be applied to future subscription payments and will not be refunded in any circumstances.


19. The fact that MLU offers a subscription to a person or group of persons does not create an obligation on MLU to start, or continue, to offer a subscription to another person or another group of persons or to provide reasons.

20. MLU is entitled to advertise its own services and products and any third-party services and products as part of its content, however frequently and in whatever terms or ways, and that does not mean that subscribers are entitled to any benefits not included in these Terms & Conditions, such as a reduction in subscription fees.

21. MLU does not authorise subscribers or anyone else to copy, distribute, disseminate or otherwise publish our content in any form, be it in writing or orally, in any circumstances, unless it expressly gives authorisation in writing and in advance on a individual basis and per content.

22. Our content is only available to current subscribers. Subscribers are not permitted to share their login details, in any circumstances, to MLU with anyone (including businesses), not even with persons who work for or with them. To avoid doubt, each individual accessing our content must have an individual subscription with MLU. If a business has more than one reader of our content, a separate, individual subscription must be purchased for each individual.

23. The rights of subscribers are not transferrable.

24. MLU has exclusive copyrights over our content.

25. MLU retains absolute discretion in how our content should be characterised, such as ‘Basic Content’, ‘Premium Content’, ‘Case Law Content’ or any other denominations that might be employed.

26. MLU can, at its absolute discretion, at any point in time, without prior notice and without the need to provide reasons or to receive authorisation or content from subscribers, increase the amount of fees charged for any subscription type. If that happens, MLU will advise subscribers of the increase before it takes effect, so that subscribers can decide whether or not to continue with their subscriptions. Increases will be effective from the date of change onwards and will affect existing subscribers, who will only be able to continue to have access to our content if they pay the increased fee from the moment of that change onwards.

27. Our content will be unavailable from time to time due to website maintenance. We do not guarantee our website will be accessible 24/7. No discount (or any other time of compensation) applies for periods of unavailability of our website.

28. Services or products not described in this agreement do not form part of this agreement. Examples of services or products that do not form part of this agreement include, but are not limited to: the giving of immigration assistance, consulting of any kind, answering questions about any topics, including topics included in, or covered by, our content.

29. All information contained on the the following webpage is part of this agreement: https://migrationlawupdates.com.au/plans/

30 This Agreement, along with any exhibits, appendices, addenda, schedules, and amendments hereto, encompasses the entire agreement of the parties, and supersedes all previous understandings and agreements between the parties, whether oral or written. The parties hereby acknowledge and represent that said parties have not relied on any representation, assertion, guarantee, warranty, collateral contract or other assurance, except those set out in this Agreement, made by or on behalf of any other party or any other person or entity whatsoever, prior to the execution of this Agreement. The parties hereby waive all rights and remedies, at law or in equity, arising or which may arise as the result of a party’s reliance on such representation, assertion, guarantee, warranty, collateral contract or other assurance, provided that nothing herein contained shall be construed as a restriction or limitation of said party’s right to remedies associated with the gross negligence, wilful misconduct or fraud of any person or party taking place prior to, or contemporaneously with, the execution of this Agreement.

31. This agreement is regulated solely by the laws of New South Wales, which is the only forum with jurisdiction over this agreement.