Parent visa (870): new instrument

'The instrument differs from the repealed instrument by clarifying that the form for applying for approval as a family sponsor, Form 1501, is an internet form; and by including a specification of the form and fee for making an application for variation of approval of terms as a parent sponsor'

Work & Holiday: changes to Chileans & Malaysians

The new LIN 19/088 exempts Chilean applicants from need to provide evidence of government support and amends lodgement requirements for Malaysian applicants

Health workforce certificate: new exemption

"The instrument amends LIN 19/048 and LIN 19/219 to introduce ... a certificate exempting sponsors who are hospital employers from the requirement of obtaining a Health Workforce Certificate (HWC) each time the sponsor nominates a hospital-based position in one of the following medical occupations ..."

New occupations for visa subclass 407

6 occupations moved from STSOL to MLTSSL; 16 moved from STSOL to ROL; 5 removed from STSOL; 2 occupations added to ROL

Fast Track Applicants under s 5(1AA)(b)

'The instrument ensures that a person cannot be included in the definition of “fast track applicant” if their application for a protection visa was made before the commencement of the instrument (2 April 2019)'

Wide-range identity matching

'The [Bill] will facilitate the secure, automated and accountable exchange of identity information between the Commonwealth and state and territory governments, pursuant to the objectives of the Intergovernmental Agreement on Identity Matching Services (IGA), agreed by COAG in October 2017. The Bill will achieve this by providing explicit legal authority for the Department of Home Affairs ... to collect, use and disclose identification information'

New parent visa sponsorship fee

According to the new Migration (LIN 19/147: Arrangements for Sponsorship for Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa) Instrument 2019, the sponsorship application fee for the new parent visa (subclass 870) will be $420

Occupations for subclass 494 visas

The new instrument specifies the occupations for subclass 494 (Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (Provisional)) visas. Special requirements apply to some of the occupations, as we explain in this article.

New instrument on period, manner & evidence of Labour Market Testing

The new legislative instrument specifies the period, manner and evidence of Labour Market Testing for the purposes of visa subclasses 457, 482 (TSS) and 494 (new regional visa)

LIN 18/174: online lodgement for additional countries

The instrument expands the online lodgement channel to additional countries for subclass 462 (Work and Holiday) visa applicants.

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