AAT’s too narrow approach on reinstatement decision

A reinstatement decision by the AAT focusing only on whether the appellant had been properly notified of the hearing was 'too narrow', given that the appellant's arguments on the reinstatement application had not been so confined.

AAT’s power to extend application deadline?

'I am satisfied that the power conferred upon the AAT under s 29(7), (8), (9) and (10) [of the AAT Act] to extend time applies in relation to applications for review of a Part 5 – reviewable decision under s 347(1)(b)(i) of the [Migration Act]'.

It was ‘unreasonable’ for AAT not to wait for new nomination

'it was legally unreasonable for the Tribunal to make its decision in this case without waiting for the Minister to make his decision on the nomination approval application, particularly... where the Minister had said about five weeks earlier that the application was progressing...'

AAT precedent on transitional provisions for 457 nomination

A guidance decision indicates how the AAT (and possibly the Department) will interpret the transitional provisions for nominations made before 18 March 2018 where no corresponding subclass 457 visa application was made.

‘Change of circumstance’ under s 116(1)(a)

According to the majority, ‘s 116(1)(a) is properly construed as referring to a state of affairs as distinct from a legal characterisation of a state of affairs’ .

Jurisdictional error in simple English

According to the majority, jurisdictional error consists of a material breach of a condition of the exercise of a decision-making power. ‘Ordinarily... breach of a condition cannot be material unless compliance with the condition could have resulted in the making of a different decision'.

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