‘Labor push to refer Peter Dutton to High Court’

'Regional housing markets are surging in some areas as the effects of the Sydney and Melbourne booms trickle down to those outside the major cities'.

Plan to outsource visa processing would be ‘dumped’ under Labor

'Plans to offload Australia's visa processing system to the private sector, potentially worth more than $3 billion to the winning company, would be dumped under a Shorten Labor government'

Some students able to work more than 40 hrs / fortnight

"Australia’s major supermarkets will temporarily be able to offer more hours to international student employees to help keep shelves stocked". It will be interesting to see whether this measure is extended to other industries until the situation is normalised.

‘Putting Australian workers first’

'Minister for Immigration, Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs David Coleman says Australian job seekers are continuing to benefit from visa reforms...'

Media release on RMAs & others

'A parliamentary inquiry has found ... unlawful RMAs ... are exploiting visa applicants'

David Colemas’s priority: migrants in regional communities

'Speaking to SBS, David Coleman said his priority is to get migrants to struggling regional communities. But, he hasn't forgotten about controversial plans to toughen citizenship requirements'.

Greece: work & holiday arrangements to commence

From 1 July 2019, 500 places will be available annually for young Greeks to visit Australia on work & holiday visas

‘Peter Dutton rejects Greens’ claims…’

'Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has denied misleading Parliament over granting visas for two au pairs'.

‘Class action for Nauru, Manus asylum seekers launched’

'The group will claim they have been subjected to intentional harm at the hands of the Australian government while detained in offshore detention'

Can non-compliance with social distancing lead to cancellation?

"I will also say a very clear message to those backpackers who may not be adhering to the social distancing rules... [Y]ou will be breaching your visa condition and if we find that out, we will be kicking you out of the country". We discuss whether non-compliance with social distancing rules can in fact lead to a breach of a visa condition and ultimately the cancellation of a working holiday, work and holiday or other visas.

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