‘Peter Dutton rejects Greens’ claims…’

'Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has denied misleading Parliament over granting visas for two au pairs'.

‘Class action for Nauru, Manus asylum seekers launched’

'The group will claim they have been subjected to intentional harm at the hands of the Australian government while detained in offshore detention'

Can non-compliance with social distancing lead to cancellation?

"I will also say a very clear message to those backpackers who may not be adhering to the social distancing rules... [Y]ou will be breaching your visa condition and if we find that out, we will be kicking you out of the country". We discuss whether non-compliance with social distancing rules can in fact lead to a breach of a visa condition and ultimately the cancellation of a working holiday, work and holiday or other visas.

‘Frank Lowy urges more immigration…’

'Sir Frank Lowy has called on lawmakers to increase the immigration intake now that Australia's borders are secure, and to take a harder line with China'.

Expansion of the Accredited Sponsor Scheme

'The Accredited Sponsor Scheme, which allows rapid processing of skilled visas, is to be substantially expanded... employers that have invested in the past five years at least $50 million into their Australian business will now be eligible for the Scheme'

‘Five face court over alleged fraudulent marriage scam’

'The Australian Border Force ... has shut down an elaborate contrived marriages syndicate operating out of Sydney'.

Coalition to freeze refugee intake if it wins election

'Australia's refugee intake will be frozen at current levels for three years under a coalition government'

‘Veterans fighting for protection visas for Afghan interpreters’

'A group of veterans of the war in Afghanistan have vowed to step up their campaign to get Peter Dutton to intervene and grant humanitarian visas to Afghan translators who helped Australian soldiers'.

‘Man arrested for alleged migration fraud’

The giving of a false document to the Department has consequences that might go far beyond a mere refusal based on PIC 4020. It is also a criminal offence punishable with imprisonment for 10 years or 1,000 penalty units, or both

Increased flexibility for international students to support supermarkets

The Federal government has recently announced as follows: "Today the Morrison Government has announced that supermarkets in States and Territories subject to COVID-19 lockdowns...

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